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Ever feel like time is slipping away faster than you can catch it?

Say hello to the Rush Clock! 🕒⚡ It’s your go-to tool for managing time like a pro.

Whether you’re tackling deadlines or simply want to make the most of every moment, the Rush Clock keeps you focused and motivated. Don’t let time control you – take charge with the Rush Clock!

Stay focused, stay motivated, and make the most of every second. Get yours now and embrace the power of efficiency!

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What does it do?

If you didn’t figure out (or you simply missed) mystery clock on my last post, read along to discover how it works and what more can you do with it.

It ticks faster at the beginning of the rush period and slower towards the end of the rush period.

The default rush period is hourly, meaning it will start ticking faster at the beginning of the hour and slower towards the end of the hour.

Other than hourly, there are daily and custom rush periods.

Rush Clock Admin Rush Clock Admin


  • Rushness: Customize coefficient for how much you would like your clock to rush in front of real time.
  • Alarm: Set alarms to stay on track with your schedule.
  • Themes: Choose from different themes to personalize your Rush Clock experience.
  • Digital Clock: Opt to display a real time digital clock alongside the Rush Clock, with customizable format options.
  • Shadow Clock: Enable the shadow clock feature to reveal a real-time clock when clicking on the center of Rush Clock.


Experience Rush Clock's functionality firsthand with the simulator feature. Compare real time analog clock with the Rush Clock using the interactive slider.

With Rush Clock, timekeeping becomes an engaging and dynamic experience, offering both utility and aesthetic appeal.

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This is NOT an ordinary clock